Reva carves sculptures in amber, fossil ivory, antler, and jet. Most of the carvings can be worn as jewelry, although some larger pieces are designed as free standing display sculptures. All pieces are fashioned entirely by hand, and thus are unique.
Individual pieces can be strung together into combination necklaces offset with beads of various kinds. Feel free to inquire about custom necklaces, using the Email connection shown in the "Shop" link.
The following viewing pages are organized by general subject. Thumbnails are linked to higher magnification images showing the scale, price and stock number. To purchase any piece, or to inquire about a specific item, note the stock number and follow the "Shop" link.
Photographing amber: This can be tricky because the appearance of amber varies depending on the light. Follow this link to see examples of the same piece photographed in varying lighting conditions:
Availability: Carving stock changes as pieces find good homes and Reva creates new ones, and this happens quickly during the festival season. Updating the web site is a challenge while new carving and festival shows are ongoing. Thus, the web site must be a snapshot of what is available at any moment in time. The most recent update was June, 2014. Follow this link for further details:
Materials: The materials that Reva uses to make her carvings are described in the About Amber Moon information pages. This includes information about prices of some of the more expensive raw materials. Follow this link to see the details: